Jamie (fading_jamie) wrote in yarnrennies,


I have been thinking of starting this community for a while.

I think it would be nice if we could share our progress on projects, helpful tips, good links and books for patterns, neat ideas, and sales on yarn. This community is for those of us who are rennies part of the year but year-round yarn whores. The projects posted do not have to be faire related whatsoever. It's just a way to keep in touch while we are not at faire and to see what we're up to crochet/knitting-wise.

So snap a few pictures of the stuff you're working on currently and post them. We want to see! Tell us what yarn you are using and what size needle/hook. Tell us where you got your pattern if you care to share. Show us your final product. Rant about your frustrations on a difficult part and maybe someone here can help you out!

Basically, just keep it mostly yarn project related and tell your rennie-yarn-whore friends!
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